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Antique Victorian Alfred B Pearce"Regalia" pattern Large Soup Tureen and Plate cat ref 1846

Antique Victorian Alfred B Pearce

This superb large soup tureen and lid dates from c1890 and was produced for Alfred B Pearce & Co Heathcote China of 39 Ludgate Hill renouned fine china retailers between1866 and 1940. Surviving pieces are very rare

Incredibly for a piece of this size and age it is offered in A1 condition. The 3 pieces have no makers marks but the porcelain glaze finish and detailing all suggest coalport.

Alfred B. Pearce was a porcelain and glassware retailer that was established at Ludgate Hill, London in 1760.

The business appears to have been most active in the Victorian era, offering a wide variety of ceramic and porcelain tableware. The company traded until 1940.

Price: 85.00

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