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Francis Morley & Co Pastoral soup bowl 1845-1858

Francis Morley & Co Pastoral soup bowl 1845-1858

Absolutely superb and rare large mid 19th century staffordshire soup bowl measuring 10.5" diameter and manufactured by Francis Morley & Co.
The pattern is "pastoral" transfer, a romantic rural idealised semi niave rural scene of a calm almost bemused dog overseeing disinterested sheep before a ruined folly arch adorned with bagpipes and floral baskets, birds overhead all in a blue grey monochrome design. The glaze is in superb antique condition and has a cream blue almost flow blue hue. A rare collectors and display piece.
The piece has one small antique chip to the underside of the rim, not visable from the front

Francis Morley & Co operated from Broad Street works, Shelton, Staffordshire, manufacturing both ironstone (many in moulds purchased from the receivers of Charles Mason’s in 1848) and earthenware before the Ashworth brothers took control to become Morley & Ashworth,
Francis Morley & Co pieces are extremely rare as the mark was only used between 1845 and 1858 and mostly exported.

Price: 70.00

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