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Vintage pine kitchen table 6ft by 3ft

Vintage pine kitchen table 6ft by 3ft

English classic farmhouse pine table.True vintage, waxed, bleached and scrubbed top, this durable, simple and elegant table gives you all the room you need, The lovely surface features including the vintage markings in the finish really bring out the warm colouring of the pine and will instantly give the impression that the table has been there for years. The table has at some time in its past been covered and the old marks from where this was attached are still evident around the top. It has turned legs for a bit of traditional country charm. The neutral aged pine colours are easy to match with any existing décor, and it goes perfectly with our eclectic mix of painted early Ercol and wheel back Farmhouse chairs in pale seaside blue.

Can be viewed or bought from Timeline Antiques Centre North Walsham, Norfolk.

Price: 395.00

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