vintage diamond engagement ring

Why A Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring May Be a Great Choice

Vintage Diamond Rings

Vintage diamond rings are a more affordable and greener option for couples today.

As well as being great value for money, they also carry a sense of history and romanticism, as they may have been passed down through generations or acquired. 

  1. Collectibility and value: Due to their beauty, vintage diamond rings are becoming highly collectible and can retain or even increase in value over time, unlike many modern rings which devalue the minute you leave the jewellers. Factors such as the age, condition, rarity of design, and quality of the materials and gemstones can all impact the value of a vintage ring.
  2. Sustainability and ethical considerations: In recent years, there has been growing interest in vintage and antique jewelry as more people seek sustainable and ethically sourced alternatives to newly mined diamonds. Vintage diamond rings offer a sustainable option since they involve recycling existing materials rather than contributing to new mining.

If you are lucky enough to be given a vintage or antique diamond ring by a family member you also have several options as to how you can use it, if you do not love it as its is or it does not fit your engagement finger.

Consider a redesign 

  • Stone resetting: Reset the stones into a new ring setting that better fits your style while preserving the original stones.
  • Band modification: Modifying the band of the ring to your size is a relatively simple process. You could also consider including more intricate details or adding other stones to enhance its appearance.


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