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Coronation mugs

Coronation mugs are commemorative items produced to mark the coronation of a monarch, particularly in the United Kingdom. They are typically ceramic mugs adorned with images and text related to the coronation ceremony, the reigning monarch, and other relevant symbols or motifs.

Coronation mugs have a long history, dating back to the 19th century. They were first popularised during the Victorian era, particularly during the reign of Queen Victoria. Since then, they have become a tradition for celebrating significant royal events, such as coronations, jubilees, weddings, and anniversaries.

These mugs often feature elaborate designs, including portraits of the monarch, the royal coat of arms, scenes from the coronation ceremony, and other decorative elements. They may also include inscriptions with the monarch's name, the date of the coronation, and messages of loyalty and patriotism.

Coronation mugs are not only collectible items but also serve as historical artefacts, providing a glimpse into the cultural and social significance of royal events throughout history. They are often cherished by collectors and enthusiasts of royal memorabilia. 

In recent years, coronation mugs continue to be produced to mark significant royal occasions, although their popularity and production have somewhat diminished compared to previous centuries. Nevertheless, they remain a cherished part of royal commemorative culture in the United Kingdom and other countries with monarchies.