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Black Labrador Print Framed Signed Signed Limited Edition

Black Labrador Print Framed Signed Signed Limited Edition

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Black Lab print

What sets this labrador print apart is its meticulous reproduction process. Printed on heavy-weight, textured paper in its original dimensions, it faithfully preserves the essence of Mr. Rowley's original painting. 

Key features of this print of a black labrador by James Rowley

  • Signed Limited Edition Print of a Black Labrador by James Rowley
  • The black labrador looks like a male 
  • Numbered 175 out of 850
  • Professionally framed behind glass
  • Frame dimensions: 27.5 inches by 23 inches
  • The original painting was painted by James Rowley in watercolour between the years 1984-87 and perectly captures the essence of a Black Labrador with remarkable skill and detail.
  • The print of the labrador has been printed on heavyweight matt, textured paper, very slightly off-white
  • The print was reproduced exactly the same size as the original painting of the Black Lab was painted; no reduction or enlargement and it was printed by what was state-of-the-art for that time; four colour separation process.
  • The black lab print is beautifully framed and both the print, the frame, the glass, and the mount are all in excellent condition. 
  • This print would make a thoughtful gift for a labrador owner. 


  • Available for delivery or local pickup collection from Norfolk. 
  • Due to the size and weight of the picture, international shipping is not available on this item.

About the artist David Rowley

Residing in South Lincolnshire near the coast, David Rowley transitioned from engineering to pursue his passion for art in the mid-1980s. Initially focusing on watercolor depictions of dogs, he crafted both original pieces and prints.

However, his artistic journey has since evolved, leading him towards figurative oil painting. Employing a method some deem traditional, he now creates his oil paintings through glazing—a technique involving the application of multiple thin layers. This meticulous process imbues his work with depth and luminance. While his aim remains rooted in realism, he infuses a hint of Impressionism on occasion, injecting vitality and spontaneity into his compositions. 

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